1/4/15 - Hardware & Fittings

The project began with removing, inspecting, and storing away the hardware, fittings, lights, steering assembly, etc.  Some of the hardware had been removed before the boat came to my shop and I'm not quite sure how it all goes back together... will have to deal with that down the road.  It was all carefully documented and put away so the task of fitting out the boat does not become a puzzle.

The lights came off first.  There is a single push/pull switch on a small panel mounted on the dash for the navigation lights which consist of a bow and stern light.  The bow light has a built in flag pole mount.  Inspection of the bow light reveals a cracked screw hole, and a partial crack at the base.  A center pillar to hold the glass lens is broken off and missing.  The bow light needs repairing or replacement.  The adjustable stern light is difficult to adjust and is missing its lens... a new one needs to be found, or the whole stern light needs to be replaced. The boat also was equipped with a telescoping search light.  It appears to be in fine shape, but the bulb needs replacing.

Chetek Aqua-Flyer Bow LightCracked Chetek Aqua-Flyer Bow Light

Cetek Aqua-Flyer Bow Light Missing Center PillarChetek Aqua-Flyer Stern Light

Chetek Aqua-Flyer Telescoping Search LightChetek Aqua-Flyer Telescoping Search Light rear view

Next the "Deluxe Deck Hardware Kit" came off.  Missing were the stern handles and one of four fender cleats.  One of the fender cleats was slightly bent, the rest of the kit was is satisfactory shape and just needs some buffing.  They were fastened with inappropriate fasteners (as was all the fasteners) which rusted. 

Next the windshield came off.  Chetek offered two choices for windshields; a "Wrap-Around" type, or a V-Type.  This boat was outfitted with the V-Type windshield, which was a 2-piece safety glass windshield held in place by chrome brackets.  It is all in great shape... all that is needed is some buffing of the chrome brackets and new gaskets.

Next the step pads and frames were removed.  These were in rough shape.  The pads were well worn, cracked, and aged.  The frames were pitted and dull.  These probably ought to be replacement... I expect that I can easily find appropriate replacements.

Next was the surface mount pitot type speedometer.  The speedometer gage, made by Aqua-Meter, was missing its bezel, but the dial and indicator seemed to be okay despite the missing bezel to keep it protected.  The indicator needle was stuck, I tried blowing into the fitting to see if it would move, and gently nudging it with my finger, but it is frozen in place.  The pitot tubing and fittings were there, but the pitot was missing, which can be easily replaced.  I exchanged some email with Dale at Kocian Instruments and he's confident that he can repair it.

Next was the steering wheel.  That came out pretty quickly as the rest of the "Deluxe Steering Kit" had already been removed by someone else.  The steering wheel is faded and cracked in various places and is in need of a restoration.  Eastwood has a steering wheel restoration kit that I used on my last project, which I had great results with.  The finish on the chrome fairing is quite faded though.

Chetek Aqua-Flyer Deluxe Steering Kit

A stainless steel transom protector was the final bit of hardware to be removed.  It just needs to be cleaned up and buffed.

Chetek Aqua-Flyer Transom Guard

Lastly, there are those pesky extra parts that somehow are always unavoidable.  These were in a box that came with the boat.   I'll have to figure out where they belong.  Some are obviously part of the steering system but weren't shown in Chetek's brochure in the blurb on the Deluxe Steering Kit.