12/28/14 - Boat Stilts


The winter season now has Duluth firmly in it's grips.  The next 10 weeks will bring us subzero temperatures and will find me in the boat shop busy restoring this Aqua-Flyer.

The project begins with getting the Aqua-Flyer off the trailer.  I will be using boat stilts to support the Aqua-FLyer while working on its hull.  The stilts use carpeting to rest the hull on and will allow me to reposition the hull as I work on it and roll it over.  So the first task at hand is to make a pair of boat stilts.  I made this set out of scrap 2x4's and old carpet remnants. They are 60" wide by 32" high.  The boat weighs ~255 lbs so these stilts should be satisfactory to hold it.

Boat StiltsBoat Stilts

Having completed the boat stilts, I used the boat gantry to lift the boat off the trailer and onto the newly constructed boat stilts.  Time to get busy!

Chetek Aqua Flyer on Stilts Bow ViewChetek Aqua Flyer on Stilts Stern View