2/9/13 - More Prep Work

While I have no progress photos to share this week, it was a productive week as I have made final decisions on hull materials, and a motor.  And I’ve procured all materials to complete the hull.

I’ve decided on using Cypress for the floors, stringers, keel, frames, and deck beams.  It is a wood rated medium to highly rot resistance.   More rot resistant than Douglas Fir, but not quite as strong. The older the tree the more rot resistance it is.  I was able to get it 1-1/4” thick rough sawn, which will allow me to build the boat using Simmon’s original dimensions based on 7/8” thicknesses.  I was very pleased to find a local source for Cypress which is native in the South East.

For the planking, deck, and bottom I will be using 3/8” Okoume marine grade plywood.  And the transom and motor well will be constructed of 3/4” Sapele marine grade plywood.

I plan to sheath the bottom with epoxy and fiberglass as well as encapsulating the inside of the bottom in epoxy using something new to me called Super Sap CLR by Entropy Resins, an environmentally friendly epoxy which I ordered from Jamestown Distributors.  Also I will be making a laminated stem out of ⅜" thin strip mahogany using the epoxy thickened with silica to adhere it together.

For the motor I’ve decided on a less-known Japanese brand called Tohatsu.  They offer a Low Pressure, Direct Injected, Two Stroke, 50 HP motor, the MD50, that is the lightest and smallest motor in its class for a reasonable price.  It is 32 pounds lighter than the Evinrude E-Tec 50, which was my original choice.  It offers two-stroke simplicity, with fuel sipping efficiency, and clean emissions.  It uses direct injection technology developed by the well proven Orbital Corporation whom also license their technology to Mercury Marine for their Optimax line.  More importantly it is small enough that no design changes to the motor well are required as far as I can see.  Brian Floen of 77 Marine & Recreation in Tower, MN was kind enough to send me engine dimension details to help me determine this.  With its small size and weight, and a 5 year warranty, I think it is a very appropriate match for the Simmons Sea Skiff 20.  It is my understanding that Tohatsu is the maker of most of the small outboard engines sold in outboard industry and name rebranded.  It also is the maker for the Nissan outboard engines.