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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

New Builds

Timeless Boatworks is a one-man operation. I build wooden boats, one at a time, start to finish. I specialize in building wooden boats, up to 20 ft in length, using the modern glued lapstrake method. These boats are light, strong, and built of modern marine plywood, and are glued using modern epoxy. A lapstrake wooden boat is very pleasing to the eye. Properly built, they can live on a trailer and can be randomly launched and retrieved and remain watertight. Their strong light weight allows for easy rowing, fast sailing, and smaller engines.

I build my boats using BS1088 Loyd's Register Type A approved mahogany marine plywood, Entropy Resin's epoxy, and silicon bronze or stainless steel fasteners, for a long boat life. BS1088 marine plywood is guaranteed to have no voids within its plies, and glued with waterproof/boil-proof resins, and is constructed of more plies as compared to standard marine plywood. Even though West Systems epoxies are considered the benchmark epoxy in the marine trade, I choose to use Entropy Resin because it is a USDA Certified Bio-based epoxy rather than a petroleum based epoxy. As such it is less toxic. Lastly, I use silicon bronze and 316 stainless steel fasteners because there is no other metal fasteners that can better withstand the marine environment.

The boats I build are all well proven designs from well established boat designers. I am a wooden boat builder, not a designer, and as such I generally don’t stray too far from a designer's building plans, if at all.