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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

Oars and Paddles

  • Pete Culler Styled Oars with leathers.
    Pete Culler Styled Oars with leathers.
  • Asa Thomas Oars with Copper Bands and leathers.
    Asa Thomas Oars with Copper Blade Bands and Leathers.

Custom Oar and Paddle Building

My mainstay is wooden boat building and restoration work, but I also offer custom built oars and paddles because I particularly enjoy crafting them.  

I can craft a set of oars or paddles from most any oar plan or canoe paddle pattern, although I prefer not to get overly ornate. I favor most is the balanced R. D. "Pete" Culler’s oar plans.

I generally craft oars from either fir, larch (tamarack), or ash.

Oars can optionally be leathered to protect them from chafing in oar locks.

Canoe paddle designs vary greatly and can be made from a large variety of woods.  Some are made with straight blades, some have bent blades.  Grip design can vary greatly as do blade shapes.  Blades can be laminated with a variety of different woods or left plain.  Blades can also be carved with inlays.

Canoe blades can be sheathed in epoxy and fiber glass or left as bare wood.  Oar tips can be protected with epoxy, copper bands, laminations, or just left alone.  Oars and paddles can be finished in oil or varnish.  Blades can be optionally painted with simple patterns.



Charges for Oars & Paddles are varied per set per pair based on the chosen design, wood species, and finish.