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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration


  • Varnished Laminated Deck
    Varnished Laminated Deck. Covering boards and king plank are African Mahgany. Deck planking is bookmatched Sapele Mahogany.
  • Varnished Transom
    Varnished Ribbon Cut Sapele Mahogany Transom
  • Painted Hull
    Painted Hull
  • Varnished Interior.
    Varnished Interior.
  • Painted Hull with Copper Bronze Bottom Paint.
    Painted Hull with a Blue Bootstripe and Copper Bronze Bottom Paint.
  • Varnished Transom.
    Varnished Keruing Mahogany Transom with a Blue Bootstripe and Copper Bronze Bottom Paint.

Refinishing Services

Timeless Boatworks offers professional quality refinishing services on small wooden boats up to 20 ft in length. Properly refinishing a wooden boat is every much a learned skillset as fine woodworking is.  Achieving professional results requires much more know-how than simply grabbing a paintbrush and a can of paint and brushing away.

Topsides paint, bottom paint, stain, and varnish are all professionally applied.  Substrates are properly prepped including sanding and priming.  Professional grade paint products are only used.  Typical brands I use include Interlux, Petite, Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint, and Epifanes.

Painting usually includes one or two coats of primer, followed by two to three coats of topsides paint. Paint type choices include one-part or two-part paint. I'm careful not to apply too much or too little paint. So I make judgements on how much to apply as the project progresses. I generally recommend one-part paint for wooden boats even though two-part paints offers better durability. In my opinion, one-part paint is more flexible after it has cured and less likely to crack during the typical swelling and shrinking cycles that occur over the boating season as the wooden boat is launched and later hauled out of the water.

Choosing and applying a bottom antifouling paints can also be a challenging task.

A typical vanish application involves applying a minimum of eight coats, applied in a dust free environment, to achieve that illusive glass smooth mirror finish. Application of a grain filler is an option to help achieve that mirror finish. Some say it muddies the appearance of the wood’s grain pattern, other’s don’t see it all.


Timeless Boatworks is a one-man shop, accepting projects one at a time. I do this work as part hobby and part supplemental income. The focus is on wooden boat fine craftsmanship over making large profits. Never the less, I do need to earn a wage and pay my overhead expenses. That noted, Timeless Boatworks charges a flat rate of $50 per hour plus materials.