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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

As Received

I hitched up my old Tee Nee trailer to my old pickup and drove the short distance to the boat owner's cabin over on Pike Lake to pick up the boat. There I found the owner's daughter down at the lake shore preparing the boat to be moved. It was stored upside down just above the shoreline. I backed up the trailer as close as I could get to the boat and we maneuvered the boat up to the trailer. I latched the trailer hoist strap to the bow eye, tilted up the trailer, and begain cranking on the hoist. Soon we had the boat loaded securely on the trailer and ready to haul back to the boat shop. All the woodwork looked pretty tough and the boat was dirty. There was peeling paint and lots of oxidation.

I towed it back home and backed it into the shop. Here's a look.





It didn't take long to disassemble it.  The biggest issue was unfastening all the corroded fasteners.