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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

As Received

I first saw this boat at the owner's cabin on nearby Pike Lake. It had been stored in the garage for nearly 20 years. Here's my first glimpse (click on an image to zoom it):


I came back the next weekend after the owner and his family pulled it out of the garage and replaced the trailer's wheels and wheel bearings. They made the most of the opportunity of having the boat out of the garage and gave the garage a thorough cleaning and organized it. Here's a few of close-ups of the boat (click on an image to zoom it):



The owner said the engine, a 1965 Mercury 900, ran the last time the boat was used.  It looked fairly clean (click on an image to zoom it):



The original owner had outfitted this boat as a Lake Superior fishing boat.  He removed the original front mahogany bench seat and replaced it with a pair of auxiliary fuel tanks with home made collapsible seats to lay on.  While the auxiliary tanks were well installed, the rear tank was poorly installed.  It was simply wedged into place with the filler neck protruding through the motor drain well being the only thing holding it in place. Here's a few images (click on an image to zoom it):



The boat is now in my shop (click on an image to zoom it):