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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration


Prior to agreeing to taking on this project I had already removed the seats, auxiliary floor tanks, and floor in order to get a good look at the bottom of the boat so I could prepare a proper estimate for the work scope of this restoration. Once the boat was in my shop I got the project underway with Dan and Nick Wyman of Wyman Boathouse and Restoration.  Dan and Nick specialize in old outboard motor restorations and also work on aluminum boats. I've seen some amazing work come out of their shop.  They came over and we removed the 1965 Mercury 900 outboard engine and controller. The engine is now in their shop.

Next I removed all the fittings, lights, air horn, etc. Next the Nautolex deck covering was removed and then the plywood decking. So here's how the boat looks now down to its backbone, planking, and deck beams:

Initially it looked like the steering wheel would need to be restored.  But a quick spray of some Simple Green cleaner showed that all it needs is some cleaning as it is in fairly good shape under all that dirt and grime (click on an image to zoom it).


The navigation lights are in satisfactory shape... a little pitting is present, and the dome of the stern light is a little deformed.  The bow light is made by Attwood Brass Works (ABW) and has some of that popular early 1960's wing shape to it.  The stern post light is made by Kainer.  Some cleaning, buffing ought to make these lights fairly presentable again (click on an image to zoom it).



There was a pretty cool spot light mounted on the side of the windshield.  It is made by Unity (model M1) and is in very good shape.  The end of the handle is missing though, but the Unity website has replacement parts available.  Some cleaning and buffing ought to make this spot light presentable once again (click on an image to zoom it).


Another cool fitting on this boat was a Hadley Manufacturing Air Horn (model 718 - Neptune) that is operated by a hand pump.  However the hand pump is inoperable at the moment... it is stuck in place. I've contacted Hadley and enquired as to how I can get the end caps off (its not quite obvious) so that I can clean up and re-grease the pump assembly and replace any o-rings or gaskets that are probably worn out. If I can get that hand pump operational again then I'll also replace the horn diaphragms and it ought to work as good as new again.  Again some cleaning and buffing of the chrome parts ought to make it quite presentable again (click on an image to zoom it).


This interesting fitting is a SeaRama boat mirror manufactured by N. A. Taylor.  It does not have a glass mirror however.  Instead it is of polished chrome. However, It has severely pitted over the years (click on an image to zoom it).

The windshield was fitted with this hand operated wiper by The Andersen Company (ANCO). It is still operational, and just needs to be cleaned up and a new blade installed (click on an image to zoom it).


The dashboard was simply fitted with a compass and speedometer by Sears Roebuck and Company.