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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

Topsides Sanded

The tedious task of sanding paint down on the topsides is done. The lapstrake planks are made of ⅜" Medium Density Overlay (MDO) marine plywood (mahogany veneer). I had to be careful not to sand off the paper overlay. I removed and feathered as much paint as I could without disturbing the overlay. The paper overlay provides a nice smooth surface for paint and helps to prevent paint checking.


Also been working on the engine, and transom. Been swapping work between these three tasks to break up the monotony of sanding, scraping, and scrubbing. As of this weekend the engine is nearly done, the new transom is ready to be installed, and the topsides have been sanded in preparation for paint.

This picture shows the stern of the boat prepared for its new transom. Next up... rolling her over and replacing the bottom.