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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration


The CC Dory is back in my shop for a few days after having been professionally lettered in gold leaf with her new name "VaVay". Final work involved installing rubrail guards. The original aluminum rubrail guards were heavily gouged, scratched, and discolored, along with the presence of overlapped varnish coatings on the edges.  Our first thought was to simply replace them. However I could not find an exact replacement and we found alternatives to be very expensive.  So I went to work on the originals to see if I could clean them up and reuse them.


I started by mounting the rubrails on a long, thin board and then hand filed all the deep gouges and scratches until they were gone. Then I followed up by sanding them smooth leaving a brushed appearance. They came out looking good enough to remount.


VaVay is now in her owner's hands. Here's some parting pictures:

Chris Craft Cavalier Dory Rear Seat VaVay

Chris Craft Cavalier Dory Console VaVay

Chris Craft Cavalier Dory Bow View VaVay

Chris Craft Cavalier Dory Stern View VaVay