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Wooden Boat Building and Restoration

Fresh Paint

With the new bottom completed the next step was paint.  It was painted traditional white, with the distinctive accent of a dark green painted sheer plank.

The boat was prepped by stripping off the old paint and with sanding with 80 grit sandpaper in prep for paint primer.


A coat of Interlux PrimeKote was applied and sanded/leveled with 120 grit sandpaper. It was top coated with two coats of Interlux Brightside White sanded level with 220 grit sandpaper in between coats. The sheer plank was painted with Interlux Brightside Sea Green.


Next was cleaning up the inside. It was originally finished at the boat school with "boat sauce"... a homemade tar finish consisting of a recipe of Boiled Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Pine Tar, and Japan Dryer.  I sanded the bottom and the seat tops as best I could... enough for a uniform appearance. I found it difficult as the old cured boat sauce quickly clogged the sandpaper.  But once I got it sanded to a fairly uniform color, I applied a fresh coat of boat sauce.


The Yankee Tender is looking mighty salty now and ready for dry launching!