2/23/13 - Floors

Lumber got delivered this week... about 200 linear feet of 1" x 8" Vertical Grain Douglas Fur.  Nice stuff.  With that I began cutting out the "floors" (or floor timbers).  In boating terms the "floors" aren't what you may think of such as floors in a building, but rather they are more like the floor joists that support the floors in a building.  The "floor boards" would be secured to the top of the floors and it's the "floor boards" that you actually would stand on.  For the Simmons Sea Skiff, the floors are a very important part of the structure of the boat.

9/16/13 - Slow Week

Its been a very slow week.  The lumber supplier failed to come through with delivery of the Cypress wood I ordered from them last week for floors, frames, keel, stringers and deck beams.  Their stock was checked and bowed.  They make lumber deliveries to the Duluth area every Tuesday, and they called me at the last minute to explain the situation.  With no other local options for cypress, I ordered the next best thing,

2/9/13 - More Prep Work

While I have no progress photos to share this week, it was a productive week as I have made final decisions on hull materials, and a motor.  And I’ve procured all materials to complete the hull.

2/2/13 - Prep Work

No progress pictures to show this week.  I spent more time at my desk and on the computer than at the workbench this week.  Not a bad week to be in the house with it being so cold outside... woke up Thursday to 21 below 0 air temperature.

Much time was spent this week bringing up the website live and figuring out a bill of materials.

Building Jig

I completed construction of the building jig this past week.  In the case of the Simmons Sea-Skiff 20', the purpose of the building jig is to support the backbone which is simply a 2" x 10" cut to approximately 14' in length. It goes without saying that the the backbone must be straight, plumb and level. The backbone will support the floors that compose the bottom of the boat.  Also, note that the boat bottom will be built upside down.


After much agonizing (“so many boats, so little time”) and indecision, I finally decided on building the Simmons Sea Skiff 20 as a first project.  I first saw this boat back in 1994 in WoodenBoat magazine’s issue #121 “Launchings” column (see picture on right). I was immediately struck with its salty lines.  Note that this is a picture of the 18' version...

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